Nathaniel L. and Carole A. Young

10930 Woodland Pond Parkway

Chesterfield, Virginia 23838

February 5, 2013

Subject:  Letter of Recommendation,

Subsequent to buying a home in Dallas, Texas, we began the process of selecting a moving company to move our household goods and furniture from Virginia to Texas.  We initially surveyed about eight companies in the Richmond area, but narrowed the list to three.   We have moved a number of times in the military so we were familiar with the process.  However, we were not familiar with the pricing and financial aspects of this business.

From the start, we were impressed with Darrell Austin and Professional Moving and Storage (North American).  He was polite, straightforward and helpful.  The other major competitors over-estimated the weight and cube and, of course, the cost.  The North American estimate was within 50 pounds, which was remarkable considering the size and complexity of the shipment.  Mr. Austin simplified the pricing aspects where the others made it complex.  From the start, we could tell the North American crew had been in the business a long time, wanted our business and lived up to their name…Professional.  Interestingly enough, they were not the “lowest bid”, but my wife and I do not make decisions solely on price when important matters are decided. 

On packing day, everything went as Mr. Austin had indicated it would.  The team showed on time, worked hard all day and did a superb job.  On delivery day, the process was again repeated.  They showed on time, were polite and courteous, did what we asked, and were crisp in getting our things unloaded and getting on their way.  We sustained no damages.  The delivery team had also been at our home in Richmond packing, so they were very familiar with where much of our furniture came from and was to be placed.

All in all, we are very pleased and impressed with Professional Moving and Storage.  They know their business, play fair with the customer, aim to please and know that good service and meeting customer expectations are the keys to repeat business.  Best of all, they are nice people who work with you.  Our future shipping business is easier now…all we have to do is call Darrell Austin and we know it will be accurate, fair and handled superbly.


Nick and Carole Young

Nathaniel L. Young, Jr.

Carole A. Young
Nathaniel and Carolyn – Home Owners
Chesterfield, VA


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