Professional Moving & Storage is the industry leader in arcade and pinball machine transportation. We understand that your high value products require expertise and delicate handling with specialized equipment to ensure that your machines are delivered in superb condition. Our customers rely on us to deliver on time regardless to your shipment’s destination. Our mission is your mission….to provide the same care and attention to your product’s details that you would. We consider ourselves extensions of your business.

We can pick up and deliver to your business or home and we take pride in handling all the details from shipping to delivery. Professonial Moving & Storage  has constantly delivered whatever has been required of us. We are known in the industry for our quality, driver professionalism and going the extra mile. After all, high quality collectables such as these require professionals who are experts in handling coin-operated machines. Our objectives are simple safety and obtaining and delivering your products without claim.

Whether this is your business or your hobby our specialty is transporting high value collectables and coin operated machines with protective measures to ensure that your investment is safe and secure while in our care. Our objective is to relieve you of any worry or concern about your arcade, jukebox or pinball machine. We have all the protective measures in place to ensure safe pick up and on time delivery of your product. Our trained and seasoned drivers understand the importance of your products and the services needed to get your high value and collectables shipped.

Specialized Transportation

  • Qualified professional drivers and warehouse staff
  • Satellite tracking which provides real time shipment information
  • Plastic or blanket wrap service
  • White glove service, door to door service
  • Nationwide and international shipping

We provide white glove service for your high value products being shipped with cutting edge technology for 24/7 visibility and tracking. Our pinball and arcade machines are wrapped for protection and transit to ensure safety. Professional drivers will unload and deliver to your destination and place them inside. We are the logistics experts you can depend on with your coin operated machines because we can coordinate and handle the transport of heavy weight equipment.

Our dedicated staff will be happy to provide you with an estimate. Whether you need to ship five arcades for repair, ten jukeboxes for commercial use or one pinball machine for your personal home entertainment in a game room we can accommodate your shipment logistics.

No matter what your logistic needs may be please contact us today to discuss your jukebox, arcade or pinball machine needs. We are committed to providing our customers with excellent value and superior service. When we do the job your experience with us will be a positive one sure to bring years of revenue for your business or mounds of entertainment at home. We look forward to working with your business or family. Our customer service team is always available 24/7 to assist you with all your shipping needs and to answer any question/s you may have.

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